• Easy to Use - Built with ergonomic, anti-slip handles. Won’t make your hand ache even after hours of pulling the bags around.Goodyear Wheels spin 360º for a smooth glide & maneuverability.
  • Lightweight & Practical - Hard Shell carry on travel suitcase is super lightweight, which reduces strain on your back and arms and helps you pack more while complying with airline weight restrictions.
  • Ultra Durable Goodyear Wheels- These are luggage built to last. Each bag is built with strong double rotary Goodyear wheels licensed by Goodyear, a leading wheels manufacturer. Roll easy in any city, airport, or cruise ship.
  • Stunning Design and Color - Fashioned in a luxury, modern design. Choose Black for a sleek, classic look or add a pop of color to your travels with Urban Red.
  • Protect Valuables- Our travel luggage interiors are built with thick, padded lining that protects your valuables no matter how turbulent your flight or when your bag gets thrown around.