Goodyear Wheels

Goodyear Tires On Regent Square Luggage: A Perfect Collaboration

When two companies possess an unerring mission of imbuing safety and quality into every aspect of their product, they are bound to create a perfect collaboration that will introduce innovative benefits for their consumers.

All Regent Square travel cases swivel and run quietly on Goodyear wheels. Exclusively powering only Regent Square luggage, Goodyear tires lend the quiet maneuverability and smooth movement to every Regent Square piece.

Luggage That Goes Further

We believe everyone deserves a chance to see the beauty of our planet and its people. This mission for equality lives in our promise to build first-class luggage at accessible prices. Regent Square is made with top-quality Goodyear wheels, designed to last in all conditions. Our sturdy and stylish suitcases tick all the boxes: from organized compartments with plenty of empty space; to USB chargers; strong, smooth zippers; and handy luggage trackers.

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