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Our journey

Our journey began when the Regent Square Travel founder realized that his luggage bag’s spinner wheels are not good enough for a very active traveler’s lifestyle. He then came up with the idea of equipping suitcases with race car-quality spinner wheels to ensure their durability.

This brainchild resulted in numerous hard luggage and soft luggage bags with ergonomic features and stylish designs made of high-quality materials. Today, our journey continues as we strive to create the best travel bags every voyager deserves.

When two companies possess an unerring mission of imbuing safety and quality into every aspect of their product, they are bound to create a perfect collaboration that will introduce innovations that aim to benefit consumers.

The sound and exclusive partnership between Regent Square Travel and Goodyear Wheels produced luggage bags that swivel smoothly and run quietly on race car-quality wheels.

Our intelligent, intuitive and high-performing luggage supports the spirit of discovery, helping you travel at your best. We focus on making the best travel bags that let you open new experiences without worrying about your stuff because every journey shares a need for luggage bags that are lightweight, durable, secure, and sophisticated.

At Regent Square Travel, we live not only to explore but to engage. Stepping out of comfort zones and into unseen places can challenge perceptions, spurring ideas and actions that build a better world.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to see the beauty of our planet and its people. This mission for equality lives in our promise to build first-class luggage bags at accessible prices. Regent Square is made with top-quality Goodyear wheels, designed to last in all conditions. Our sturdy and stylish suitcases tick all the boxes: from organized compartments with plenty of empty space to USB chargers, strong zippers, and handy luggage trackers. With Regent Square Travel luggage bags, you can go further than you have ever been.

Designed in partnership with luxury brand creatives, Regent Square Travel is your chic companion to conquering the world.

Our luggage pushes the boundaries of technical innovation with a refined aesthetic. As supply chain and production specialists, our suitcases are crafted to an exceptionally high standard using the latest manufacturing techniques. Rigorous testing ensures our bags go the extra mile and perform on every journey.