Regent Square Equipped with Goodyear Wheels: Supports the Spirit of Discovery

Lightweight, durable, secure and sophisticated, Regent Square’s suitcases are made with top-quality Goodyear wheels, built to last in all conditions.

Technically refined and stylishly designed, Regent Square is your best companion to conquer the world from the comfort of your perfect suitcase.

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Goodyear Wheels: Brains and Beauty

Inspired by automotive tires and collaborated with the renowned rubber tire company, the ultimate GOODYEAR WHEELS are an exclusive feature of Regent Square lines that bring luggage to a new level of performance.

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Hassle Free Trips with Style and Comfort

Combining durability and style, Regent Square lines are designed for discerning travelers looking for innovative, easy-to-handle and stylish luggage, equipped with smart features and the best technical wheels.

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Goodyear Powered

From the Wheels Up!

Meet Regent Square luggage lines equipped with Goodyear Wheels, combining practicality and style.

Goodyear Wheels Specialities

High Quality

Our products are build with high quality material, so your stuff is assured to be safe in it.

Unique Design

Get fashionable even when travelling with our uniquely and beautifully designed products

Shock Resistant

Our bags are tested to be shock proof , so your delicate stuff can rest easily in the bag .

360 Rotation

Walk your style with Goodyear powered 360 degree wheels.

Best Grip On Road

Run the fastest to catch your train, with no worries of wheel slipping with premium quality wheels from Goodyear.

Extreme Temperatures

Be it Sahara Desert or Antarctica, our bags are tested to perform the best under all climate ranges.